The official-sounding bio:

Belinda Bekkers is an emerging writer currently working on her first full-length novel. She examines themes of connection and loss through her creative projects, and uses writing of different styles and forms for emotional exploration. Living in the tropics of northern Australia near her hometown of Cairns, Belinda also enjoys exploring a number of different mediums including painting, drawing, and photography.

Hi, I’m Belinda!

I’d love to lie and tell you I’ve always wanted to be a writer. While there were definitely clues, it was never something I thought seriously about. Now I can’t imagine a life where I wasn’t sorting synonyms, fishing for phrases, and traversing fields of text.

In my pursuit, I’ve lost myself in the pages of too many writing craft books and immersed myself in many writing courses. There have been soirees with Skillshare, brief affairs with the Australian Writer’s Centre, and internal examinations courtesy of the International Writing Program. Proudly pinned to my breast is the inaugural Award (and the only one in existence) for Student Prose of the Month I was bestowed during my Certificate in Professional Writing and Editing.


I’ve come to realise that there is an art and science to choosing the right words to express myself, and the process is something I cherish. It’s akin to opening a vein onto the page and letting the innermost parts of yourself flood out. And it requires introspection, curiosity, and courage in equal measures.

However, the most valuable lesson I’ve learned, is that the only way I’ll develop my craft is with accountability. That’s where you come in, dear reader. I’ll be posting all the things I’m reading, learning, watching, and writing so you can join along or just quietly (or loudly) cheer me on my journey. I’ll be here, putting one syllable in front of the other and cheering you on as you explore your own path – creative or not.