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Hello, Dear Reader

Hello, Dear Reader

Hello, dear reader. This is the inaugural post. The first post that will be forever on my website as the start of the start. Well, unless it disappears to the archive, the recycle bin, the Internet oblivion. Hopefully, it will get lost in the reams of content I plan on posting and forgotten about by anyone who even reads it. Because if there's something we can agree on from the start of the start, it's that this is the messy part. The part where I'm still finding my feet and my voice and posting things that, at times, don't make...

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Belinda Bekkers is an emerging writer currently working on her first full-length novel. She examines themes of connection and loss through her creative projects, and uses writing of different styles and forms for emotional exploration. Living in the tropics of northern Australia near her hometown of Cairns, Belinda also enjoys exploring a number of different mediums including painting, drawing, and photography.